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Web Design Service: Why Having A Website Is Important For Your Business

Updated: Jun 9


Why having a website is important for your business.

We live in a digital world and everybody is ‘online’. However, for your brick and mortar store, do you still need a website? Apart from the obvious and resounding, yes! We will take you through just some of the reasons why having a website is a great benefit for your business, whatever the nature of your business!

Website/Business Card

A website and a landing page often acts like a digital business card. If you don’t have one then it is going to be harder to communicate what you do to your consumer and express your credibility and reputation. Without one it is simply going to be slower (we live in a fast paced world!) and more tiresome in communicating that you are here and open for business.


Nowadays, whenever we want to find a local service that is nearby, be it a hairdressing salon, or a bike mechanic we will most likely enter that term into a mapping service such as Google Maps or Bing Places. This will display all local businesses in that area that are registered under the service term you entered. Great, so you have featured after registering your Google Business Profile, but you only have a few reviews. However, there is another service less than a kilometre away that has more reviews and a clickable website link displaying clearly what they do as a business. Which business are you most likely to trust and therefore what decision are you going to make? Perception is crucial and so adds to your credibility and reputation. If you have a website it will help consumers in the decision-making process to choose your business or service.


Most online engagement is processed through mobile devices. That means that you use your phone to do just about anything, message friends, order shoes, clothes, food and make takeaway deliveries. Having a slick, mobile friendly website is essential to provide ease of access to your business for your target consumers and for them to assimilate what it is that you do as a business. Often up to or over 80% of website traffic is conducted through our mobile phones rather than desktop

Display What You Do

Having a website gives you a chance to display what you do. Use the opportunity to display high quality professionally taken photographs to clearly express what you do. A picture tells a 1000 words and a really great photograph can be what convinces someone to use your services. Whether you are a florist or a plumber, effectively displaying your business will convince consumers to choose you.

Booking Features

On your website it is now easier than ever to implement an easily accessible booking feature system. This will, in the long run, save you time and money. No longer do you have to personally answer each and every enquiry. Often, you will be able to easily answer booking requests through the use of a dedicated app - simply receive push notifications and tap accept! So whether you have a restaurant or you host fitness classes - using a booking feature can be transformative for your business, helping to free up your time to focus on growing your business in other more important areas.

Online Store

This might seem like an obvious one, but having an online store can transform your potential audience. Say you have a small shop based in the high street that is selling quite niche products and has limited footfall. Why not put your store online and potentially reach everyone on the internet who is searching for your product? Now you have a truly global potential customer base.

Contact Form

Having a simply designed and easily accessible contact form is a sure-fire way to drive business engagement and subsequent sales. People love to communicate this way because it is easier than sending off an email and it feels more professional and promotes business trust.

Subscriber Box

Implementing subscriber features is a great way of increasing your contacts and potential customers. People love to get a discount and if you can receive their consent to receive marketing information then you can potentially transform your customer base and sales growth.


Having the ability to showcase your testimonials and how much your customers or clients love your product or service is another way to enhance your business’s reputation and authority online. It is easy to embed a widget displaying either your Google Reviews or Trustpilot score to showcase your reviews depending on the industry of your business.

Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions

Using handy features such as a drop down menu can neatly compartmentalise your legal framework in your website. It is a great way of presenting the legalisation of your business in a formal and professional, as well as visually appealing way.


Having a website is essential for your business. The way we are moving as a society is only going to become more digitised. Not only becoming part of the digital directory, but having a website contains tools that will help to grow your business, expand your reach, further drive sales, profit and business growth.

At Flying Bird Design we provide a professional Web Design Service, Branding and Social Media Content Creation. We pride ourselves on delivering highly profitable websites and content driven growth and converts sales. We known what a seamless Web Design Service Looks and Feel Like! If you have a brand idea, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill in our contact form here and tell us as about the requirements for your project! We aim to respond in under 24 hours with a detailed quote and action-plan in order to launch your brand!



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